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My Experience

I have been a software developer for 5 years. 3 years of this period were spent as freelance and the remaining 2 years were spent in full-time jobs and internships.
I have focused on full stack website development for 2 years.
I left my full time software job in 2021 and now I am doing freelance or project based work as a full stack web development and Front End Developer.

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My Skills

My Skills

Programming Languages

-Javascript, Python, C#


-React.js, Redux, Bootstrap, CSS3,HTML5


-Node.js, Django




-Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku


-Android studio, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Postman, VSDC Editor, Photoshop, Illustrator

Javascript 9/10
Python 7/10
Node.JS 7/10
React.JS 8/10
Redux 8/10
Bootstrap 9/10
CSS3 9/10
HTML5 10/10
AWS (EC2, Lambda, S3, Route 53) 7/10
Google Cloud Platform 7/10
MongoDB 8/10
Ms SQL 8/10

My Services

I can make special e-commerce, stock market applications, company sites or news sites for the design you want.Totally Mobile responsive and speed websites.

Web Development

MongoDb, Express, React.JS, Node.JS or
Python Django
For server & hosting
AWS EC2, Serverless(AWS Lambda), Google Cloud Platform Heroku, Netlify
I can develop your e-commerce, stock market or company websites by using it. You can look at the sample websites above. For the price, you can ask at or whatsapp.

Front End Development

Using React.JS and Redux I can make your existing website faster without reloading between pages. This will set you apart from other sites including Wordpress, wix and other site builders.

My Works

Vice Shop


-E-commerce Site.
-Mobile responsive
-A detailed admin panel for adding and listing users, products.
-Paypal is integrated.
-MongoDB, Express.JS React.JS, Node.js, Redux.JS

Gondor Tree


-Cyrpto currencies Stock Market Tracking and news site.
-Mobile responsive
-React.JS, Redux.JS Node.js:JS Express.JS



-Android Car Game 2D
-Added Google play in-game payment system.
-Made by Unity 3D
-C#, Illustrator, Photoshop

Github World

-GitHub Search App
-Mobile responsive

Coming Soon

Contact Me


Istanbul, Turkey


+90 537 273 8310

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